Matthew Perry Joins Zac Efron in Seventeen

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Because Big and Like Father Like Son aren't enough, Matthew Perry and Zac Efron have signed on to star in Seventeen, a movie that sounds just like the aforementioned films.

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Incredible site!


Perfect work!


Hey i love you both and think that are very cute. I can't wait to see youir movie.


i love matthew perry with my soul!!!
he is the love of my life!!!
i don´t like zack efron!! matthew i love you!! my dream is get marry with you! i am from argentina and i am only 15 years old!!! but i love you matthew!!


First of all, who doesn't want to watch this movie?? Espesially when ZAC EFRON plays in it?!! ;) He is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! I can't wait to watch this movie! It sounds interesting and the cast is awesome!!!!!!


okay...i CAN'T WAIT for the movie...but there is like NO possible way that matthew perry could've looked ANYTHING like Zac Efron when he was seventeen. i mean look at yeah they are both great actors so i can't wait to see the movie! :)


just wanted to say that im a big fan of zac efron...and what is seventeen about and when is it cuming out.


Hmm maybe it's not original but it will still be pretty interesting. I mean zac efron and matthew perry already some great casting there. Although I'm not sure how the heck zac efron looks anything like a 17 yr old matthew perry it will still be entertaining.I'm wondering if zac will be doing any singin lol? I just haven't seen Matthew Perry in anything lately so I'm glad he is getting work.


i totally agree with you i love zac efron more tho probs coz i love high school musical 1, 2 and hairspray but you know hes hotter and younger than matthew perry and don't you just wanna pinch his bum!! LOL PEACE OUT DUDE


I think that it is a good movie and i would totaly repremend it to people. I love Matthew Perry in Friends and i like him in this movie too. I especialy love Zac Efron in Highschool Musical 1 and 2 and Hairspray. I think that he really has a great thing for movies. I thought Zac Efron was ony good in musicals but i guess i was wrong. I also thought that Matthew Perry was only good in Friends but he has a really good patential in anything that he puts his mind to. They both are awsome!!!! (and i really mean that)