Josh Peck Speaks on The Wackness Nude Scenes

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Josh Peck compared acting with Ben Kingsley in The Wackness to playing basketball with Michael Jordan.

Still, perhaps more daunting than that task may have been the sex scenes he had to share with co-star Olivia Thirlby.

"It was petrifying. I was afraid when the robe dropped, so would the sky. The world would come to end," the actor told ReelzChannel. "It was a funny day. We kind of didn't talk to each other for the whole first half of the day and then when we had to shoot it I don't think I had any lunch. I didn't want to be bloated. I did 50 push ups, dropped the robe and went with God."

Luke Shapiro Picture

Josh Peck plays Luke Shapiro - and gets naked! - in The Wackness.

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I am going to have to disagree with the above comment Josh is absolutely gorgeous and a great actor I ahve been a fan since the amanda show :)


WTF?! HE GOT NAKED OMG he's hella sexy i wanna see that :)
whats the movie called again?!


i loved this movie, I thought Josh did a great job. I was amazed by his performence. I personally this he's hot, but hey, we all have our thing : )


Personally, I think Josh is gorgeous. You're probably just some fat, bald 40 year old who lives at home anyway. He's a great actor and now he's taking a huge step from perfectly clean Nickelodeon-Josh to drug-dealing Luke Shapiro in a widely anticipated indie film. I think he's going to move on to do some amazing movies. He couldnt possibly have done a better job in shooting off his acting career. I intend to stay a fan for as long as he's in the business.


Josh Peck is a breaking-through-the-ice actor. He's shedding his childish image to take on a really tough role. Though on Nickelodeon he doesn't really get to show his true acting abilities due to the array of young viewers Nickelodeon aims for. Playing this role will sky rocket his career and give him more face in the film industry. AND for the record Olivia Thirlby is hot and any Marine or regular guy would love to dry hump her. I am jealous of Josh Peck.


From the above picture, this guy should be glad to be doing sex scenes in movies, because he's ugly as all hell. Olivia Thirlby isn't exactly hot, but who the hell whines about sex scenes? Get naked, pretend to hump a girl and STFU you overpaid nobody. Go back to Nickelodeon if you want to act like a whiny little kid.

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The Wackness Quotes

Stephanie: [to Luke, at the Fire Island beach:] I see the dopeness in everything, and you just see the wackness.

Stephanie: You're a virgin?
Luke Shapiro: No. Naw. I just haven't officially had sex yet.