Opening This Weeekend: Burn After Reading, The Women, Righteous Kill

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After a quiet couple weeks at the box office - last week's showed the lowest grossing receipts in five years! - studios are banking on a big weekend.

These three movies lead the way...

Burn After Reading
Stars: Brad Pitt, Georne Clooney, John Malkovich
Quick synopsis: A couple morons discover the lost memoirs of a CIA agent and bribe him for its return.
Prediction: Arguably the two most popular movie stars on the planet, plus the Coen Brothers, will equate to a top ranking at the box office.

Chad Feldheimer Picture
Burn After Reading Scene

The Women
Stars: Meg Ryan and many other females
Quick synopsis: An all-female cast helps one woman deal with her cheating husband.
Prediction: Everyone involved should send a thank you note to Sarah Palin; a definitely top three this weekend.

The Women Photo
Two of the Women
The Women Picture

Righteous Kill
Stars: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro
Quick synopsis: Veteran partners must decide when it's the right time to go out on their own and commit murder.
Prediction: A disappointment. Pacino and De Niro don't carry the same weight as they once did and moderate reviews aren't helping.

Righteous Kill Stars

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