Movie Rumor of the Day: Angelina Jolie in Sin City 2

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Could Angelina Jolie star in Sin City 2?

If a report from Moviehole is to be believed, it's a possibility.

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    if this rumor is true then hell yeah angelina is perfect for the role. she has the looks and talent for the part.


    There are so many UNTRUE, and MANUFACTURED RUMOURS out there about the Jolie-Pitt's...I'm not sure if I should believe this one! It seems that If anyone wants to generate hits for their website, or get media attention, all they have to do nowadays is mention the names 'Brad Pitt' or 'Angelina Jolie'!! I hope 'REEL MOVIE NEWS' is not one of these unreputable gossip sites, but with journalism in the toilet the way it is nowaday, the media is definitely less trustworthy than in the time of Edward Murrow!


    Angie and Brad said that they'll probably be doing less projects in the future...but I hope that's not true. I guess time will tell, but they definitely bring an excitement to the entertainment business. I just wish the papparrazzi would leave them alone when their with their kids!

    ...Anyhow, I cant wait for INGLORIOUS BASTERDS with Brad Pitt and the new SALT movie staring Angelina next year. If she want to do Sin City, I'll be there too! I Cant get enough of these two!


    Angelina is shaping up to be a hollywood icon and legend, so any film would apparently benefit from having her star in it. Lets hope Brad doesnt have any projects lined up so he can watch those cute kids. It's great that they take turns working so that someone is always there 24 hours for the children. I admire this couple, and wish them lots of luck. Love their humanitarian causes too.


    Angelina Jolie is smokin' hot!! She'd be a great choice for any sexy action movie...I hope this rumour is true, but if so, Angie deserves the mega-load in millions for this role. 25 mil sounds about right to me...since she's an Oscar winner, an action star, and brings a lot of attention to a project.

    ...Any Angelina Jolie film, I'm there!

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