Opening This Weekend: District 9, Bandslam, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

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Looking for a science-fiction film this weekend? A music-based adventure? A romantic tale? A dirty comedy? This week's round of new movies has it all...

District 9
Stars: Aliens!
Quick Synopsis: Humans hold an alien race captive in horrid conditions.
Prediction: Huge buzz, but likely not enough to propel it to top of the box office.

District 9 Movie Poster
District 9 Picture
District 9 Photo

Stars: Vanessa Hudgens
Quick Synopsis: A student rock band creates a new group of friends.
Prediction: Never underestimate the power of a High School Musical alum.

Bandslam Movie Poster
Sa5m, Bandslam
Vanessa Hudgens in Bandslam

The Time Traveler's Wife
Stars: Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams
Quick Synopsis: A marriage faces a difficult dilemma: the husband can't help but travel back in time occasionally.
Prediction: Based on a best-seller, destined for top three at the box office.

The Time Traveler's Wife Photo
The Time Traveler's Wife Poster
The Time Traveler's Wife Picture

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
Stars: Jeremy Piven
Quick Synopsis: Piven channels Ari Gold, this time as a shady, hilarious used car salesman.
Prediction: Guys love Piven. This will do well.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard Movie Poster
Don Ready Photo
Don and Company

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