How to Train Your Dragon Eats Limp Competition

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Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon landed the top spot this week, after a debated win last weekend. The animated family comedy pulled in another $15 million at the box office, signaling a weak weekend all around.

Stoick and Gobber Face a Dilemma

Opening at #2, Jennifer Lopez made a lukewarm baby mama as The Back-Up Plan drew only about $12 million, a low sum for a star like J.Lo. The romantic comedy reportedly cost $35 million, and still has a chance of breaking even.

Coming in third again this week was Date Night, raking in $10.6 million to boost its total to $63.5 million. The Losers lost out, bringing in only $9.6 million to end up fourth.

And the big upset of the week, Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass slipped from #1 all the way to #5, dropping 52% and only drawing a meager $9.5 million in its second week.

Here's a closer look at the Top 5:

  1. How to Train Your Dragon - $15,025,000
  2. The Back-Up Plan - $12,250,000
  3. Date Night - $10,600,000
  4. The Losers - $9,605,000
  5. Kick-Ass - $9,500,000
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How to Train Your Dragon Quotes

Gobber: Today is about teamwork! The Hideous Zippleback is extra tricky. One head *breathes* gas, the other head *lights* it. Your job, is to know which is which!
Fishlegs: [whispering] Razor-sharp serrated teeth that inject venom for pre-digestion. Prefers ambush attack, crushing its victims...
Hiccup: Will you *please* stop that?

Hiccup: [v.o] Oh, and there's one more thing you need to know.
Hiccup: Sorry... Dad.

How to Train Your Dragon Review

With How to Train Your Dragon 2 hitting theaters June 13, DreamWorks Animation is releasing a truly special version of the original film...

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