MacGruber Quotes Are Here!

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MacGruber opens in theaters everywhere tomorrow, but we've got tons of memorable MacGruber quotes today!

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classic macgruber


Vicki : I've got to go to the bathroom.
Mac: Number 1 or number 2?
Vicki Number none of your business!!
Mac: That means number twoooo!!


and no you can't ride in the trunk bud!


"It's time to pound some Cunth!" MacGruber


"I'm in" MacGruber to a cafeteria diner
"What?" cafeteria diner to MacGruber
"I'm in" MacGruber to Col. James Faith and Lt. Dixon Piper
"Thank God" Col. James Faith to MacGruber
"Your God can't help you Jim, but I can......" Classic MacGruber


the game has changed, but the players are the same.


Never ever say never ever.


Macgruber: You walk around like your sh#t dont stink. Well I got news for you, your sh#t does stink. It stinks like sh#t!