Josh Brolin Reveals That a Goonies 2 Script Exists!

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While on the PR trail for Jonah Hex, star Josh Brolin, has revealed an interesting tidbit about the long-rumored Goonies sequel.

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Brolin, who played Sean Astin's older brother Brandon Walsh in the 1985 fantasy adventure, dropped a few interesting bits of information about Goonies 2 in a recent interview with Extra.

"Doing a sequel is something that keeps coming up and keeps coming up" he said. "I saw [producer] Steven Spielberg on the street about a month-and-a-half ago, and I asked him the reality because I was told by many, many people that there was a script but that didn't work and [director] Richard Donner but that didn't work and Steven was going to come in and do it.

"And I hear that there is a script, yes, but there's no talk of doing a Goonies sequel at this very moment. And that's the first time I've been truthful about that answer ever!"

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I love Josh Brolin. Not only is he obviously gorgeous, but his personality, sense of humor and all around humbling attitude is what makes him so loveable. I wish him all the continued success, he is one classy guy!!!!


Growing up, The Goonies was one of my all time favorite movies .... whenever there was a movie night .... The Goonies was on the top of our list to rent. I'm sure there are a lot of mixed feelings about a sequel .... but after 25 years in my opinion I think it would be great to reunite the old cast for a new adventure .... I even heard a rumor of it being a new group of goonies, the sons & daughters of the original cast, and the original goonies come to save them ..... what would be wrong with that?

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Josh Brolin

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You might recognize Josh Brolin from No Country for Old Men or American Gangster.

He started his career in TV movies and guest spots on TV shows before getting a more notable role as Brand Walsh in the Richard Donner-directed movie The Goonies.

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