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I went to see the premiere of The Town in Fenway Park, which lent a surreal aspect to the experience, seeing as a major scene from the Ben Affleck-directed drama takes place there.


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    I was looking forward to seeing The Town, as I've always enjoyed seeing movies about Boston's crime culture. However, I found The Town disappointing on the long run, as it was overrated, and very cartoon-like, and it seemed like an extended made-for-TV movie, with the overblown and unrealistic scenes in the North End and Fenway Park. Also, the Claire/Doug romance, to me, was weak and lacked chemistry, plus the idea of a (presumably) intelligent bank manager who is a yuppie falling in love with, and sticking with a guy who turned out to be one of the guys who'd robbed her bank at gun;point, terrorized her and taken her hostage just days earlier and then abetting him by tipping him off to the Feds just as they were about to nab Doug, hence allowing him to elude the law and go on the lam from justice doesn't sit well with all.


    I cant wait until this movie comes out on Blu Ray, missed the theatrical release : (


    I heard that this review was written by Penn Badgley, Blake Lively's current boyfriend.


    I was lucky enough to attend the premiere as well. Fun movie, neat twist on a heist flick. The initial robbery scenes were great. Certainly worth seeing.

    @ Knuckles

    I liked the beginning of "The Town", with the on-the-ground and aerial shots of Charlestown and Boston, generally, as well as the beginning bank heist, but it started to go downhill in a matter of minutes. I also have to admit that the only people who I really sympathized with in "The Town" were FBI Agt. Adam Frawley, SWAT, and the other law-enforcement people trying to do their assigned job of bringing Doug MacRay and his men to their knees, making them go to trial, and, to hopefully, be imprisoned for a long time, in a Federal penitentiary for their crimes.

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