New Black Death Trailer Released

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New trailer for director Christopher Smith's Black Death has been released!  

Set in plague-ridden 1348, Black Death follows a young monk who leads a veteran knight to the only village that is not inflicted with the plague.

The film stars Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, and David Warner.

Black Death is set to hit theaters on March 11, 2011.

rom January through early March, two types of movies largely can be found in theaters: Oscar contenders and genre movies. English director Christopher Smith, who directed 2009's yacht nightmare thriller Triangle, is taking horror far into the past in his latest, Black Death. Set in plague-ridden 1348, Black Death follows a young monk (Eddie Redmayne) who leads a knight (Sean Bean) and his band of mercenaries to a mysterious village that is untouched by the Plague. Suffice it to say, the latest trailer shows that, despite the lack of illness, all is not well in the village.

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