The Way Back Movie Review: A Harrowing Tale of Survival

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The Way Back is a tale of survival under nature's most brutal circumstances.  Director Peter Weir (Master and Commander) brings a realistic adaptation of a group of POW's who escape from a Siberian prison.


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    A little background for the reviewer since they did not do their homework before writing this article. Before Germany declared war on the Soviet Union it signed an agreement with them dividing Poland in half. Which allowed the Soviet Union to imprison thousands of Polish people and kill 20,000 of them in the Katayn(sp?)forest massacre. The gulag these men escaped from was a Soviet Union death camp, not a Nazi one. The old Soviet Union had thousands of these camps where the inmates were worked to death. The body count ranges from the thousands to millions depending on who you ask.


    You might want to mention in such a review the seemingly unmentionable fact that these people were desperate enough to face their horrible privations in order to escape from the even more awful conditions of slavery and starvation in one of the hundreds of Gulags (prisons built for mostly political dissnters and other "enemies of the State") built to maintain totalitarian control in the Communist Soviet Union (Russia). This was a Communist prison camp, used for political control, torture and slow execution by a Communist state and had nothing to do with Nazis - the only political identification the reviewer made. I have to wonder at the reviewers strange ommission.

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