EXCLUSIVE: Tom Sturridge Talks Waiting For Forever, On The Road

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Movie Fanatic had a chance to catch up with the very talented Tom Sturridge.  Sturridge appears in the indie-film Waiting For Forever as Will, alongside Rachel Bilson. 

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    I will be 80 in July and I totally loved this movie AND the music. We have 7 married sons. I want all of them to see this film.

    I wanted to believe this story was "true" and, out there, there really is someone who really did fall love as a younger person and meant it. It was sweet, charming and entertaining. I wanted to adopt Tom Sturridge. Everyone should see this film!


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    Just finished watching "Waiting Forever" and I thought Tom Sturridge was awesome in the movie. His range of emotions were phenomenal (epic) and it was a feel good movie that really touched my heart. I loved his character's innocence and the fact that he never lost the little boy in him. It was very sweet and a refreshing movie to see after I'd watched "Blue Valentine" which has more well known actors and received good reviews but it left me feeling so sad and hopeless. Waiting Forever left me feeling hopeful. We need more of that today and when I see a movie, I want to be entertained and to leave feeling happier than when I walked into the theater. I can see sadness and hopelessness without going to the movies so why be reminded that love dies when we know it does but can still hope that there is redemption someplace for someone. Waiting forever made me feel that hope and redemption and I think Tom Sturridge brought the character to life in a way that was believable and so incredibly sweet. I loved the movie and give it five stars. I hope to see him in more movies and can't wait for "On the Road."

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