New X-Men:First Class Trailer

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Brand new trailer for X-Men: First Class has been released through Yahoo! Movies.  This one features brand new scenes and a deeper look into the stories. 

We see some of the X-Men transform for the first time and get a better understanding of the friendship between Professor X and Magneto.

X-Men: First Class is a prequel to the very popular X-Men series and features James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, January Jones, Kevin Bacon,  Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Caleb Landry Jones, Oliver Platt, Morgan Lily, Zoe Kravitz and Bill Bilner.

Check out the trailer in the player below.
X-Men: First Class is set to hit theaters on June 3, 2011.

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X-Men: First Class will not apparently be the definitive depiction of the Hellfire Club as they do not seem to have included anyone apart from Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. As it stands it will only be them and a bunch of nameless henchmen in the film. They should have included Harry Leland, Donald Pierce, Tessa and Selene instead of several randomly chosen mutants whose names that they picked out of a hat.

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X-Men: First Class Quotes

Professor Charles Xavier: Listen to me very carefully, my friend. Killing will not bring you peace.
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto: Peace was never an option.

Professor Charles Xavier: We have it in us to be the better men.
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto: We already are.

X-Men: First Class Review

As a fan of the X-Men films, but not a reader of the comic books, I don't have much to say in comparing how faithful it was to the...

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