Tom Hanks Confirms There Will Be A Toy Story 4

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In a recent interview with the BBC, Tom Hanks confirmed the long-awaited news that there will, in fact, be a Toy Story 4. 

Here's what Hanks had to say about that one:

"I think there will be, yeah.  Yeah, yeah, think they're working on it now.  There you go." 

Toy Story 3 Picture

This is great news for Toy Story fans -- and there are definitely a lot of them!  Toy Story 3 became the number one movie of 2010, both at the box office and in the minds of critics.  That is a pretty hard thing to do.  The film earned $1.06 billion around the world, bringing in $415 million domestically and $648.2 million worldwide.

Are you excited to see what they have planned for a Toy Story 4 or should they stop while they're ahead?

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Yes...... I am so excited ..... When is it going to come out??!


NO! Cause I haven't even seen number 3 yet ):


Actually i really want a 4th sequel cause...the 3rd one was great and i am a huge fan evn thou im 14:P I LOVE PIXAR..:)


I LOVE Toy story but i think where they ended it was great. I would enjoy shorts now and then like the Hawaiian vacation short before Cars 2 but don't need any more movies. I think Pixar should continue to grow and release new exciting stories rather than sequels every other year. I am more excited for Brave than I was when I heard about Cars 2 or Monsters Inc prequel.


I agree with Amy. I thought they were going to only do short clips of them from time to time from this point? Pixar, don't pull a Dreamworks!!


I think they just need to quit now. The 3rd one was amazing, and was a great end to the story of the toys. A 4th one would just be overkill----it would be turning a great trilogy into something like Land Before Time.