The Boys of The Hunger Games: Peeta and Gale Revealed!

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Entertainment Weekly has released the first look at the boys of The Hunger Games two months after premiering the first look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen.

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I am a hhhhuuuuuuggggggeeeee #1fan of the hunger games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can watch it all day plus peeta and gale and cato are so freaking hhhhhhoooooottttttt!!!!!!!! I have all the posters of them !!!!!! I can stare at them all day!!!!!! GO HUNGER GAMES MOVIE AND BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PEETA is sooo awsome he is like so hot I love him Awww gale is still cute but sorry PEETA is WAY hotter !!!! I love the movie Katniss is way cute she is the best person for Katniss and I absolutely LOVE the cave seen!!


I love the hunger games, I'm obsessed with the books. Peeta and Gale look just as they should, just to say Peeta's hot!!!!


Hmmm, I always imagined Gale with a much thinner, sharp face, but never mind, he'll do fine ;)


Oh they look perfect, especially Josh as Peeta.


I think you mean March 23, 2012, ha-ha.