Colombiana Movie Review: Riveting

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Zoe Saldana establishes herself as a superstar in Colombiana. She brings a quiet brutality that is part animal pursuing its prey and all woman with vulnerability and viciousness when wronged. Saldana, as Cataleya, is a killer yes, but given her life’s beginnings, expecting anything less from her would be naïve.


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Of course this movie has bad reviews, bunch of white minded people, the only ones with nothing good to say. I actually thought this movie was really well directed, unexpected and so much fun. I did not expect to get so much fun Out of it, who ever says they shoulda studied Colombian people more Lmao to u! It's a movie deuce deuce. Go back to watching power rangers! Surrealista! Jaja...everyone don't have to like it but compare to other movies with crazy ratings, this
is one don't need the haters talking trash. Step your game up fools...Jeje nd I'm a good critic. At least not in la la land!!


Mauro the Hell with you !! While Colombia is a beautiful country is full of drug cartels and violence just like Mexico .Colombiana is a great movie zoe was great .o yea and iam Colombian decent


Bad movie, fake, you don´t know nothing about Colombia, fuck all of you an your trash movies about my lovely Country.


Does anyone know the name of the song playing when Danny and Cataleya get together? Since there isn't a soundtrack coming soon.... :( I thought this movie was edgy and exciting and although I do think there were a couple of things that didn't make a lot of logical sense, I loved it! What was the point of the discarded glove and why'd the fight scene go on for twice as long as what was necessary or believable? Who cares! The movie had a great story, all the characters were cast perfectly, and I didn't go into it with any misguided thoughts that it'd be based on a bunch of fact or reality. It's a fictional movie, not a documentary and it was supremely entertaining. I give it 4 stars.


i have to agree with chris, comming from a real colombian the kids are nothing like that . annd mostly the drug cartels. felt very fake, they shouldve studied about the people in colombia more. mostly Zoe i wasent very convinced in her acting and her character. i cant say it sucked but i cant say it was great .


I loved this movie and yes if I was Columbian I would be critical, because I see people try to potray caribbean ethinicities and the accents are horrible. However, I felt that this movie was action packed I went in no expectations just to enjoy a girls evening out. People nowadays are over thinking the plots of movies and expect too much, can we just get back to just entertaining ourselves? Daily living is stressful enough sometimes we just need to learn how to let go.


ReCommend iT !! I think Zoe Saldana waz EXCELLENT:> Mrs. Angelina JoLie finaLLy has some competition here, with what looks like Zoe did her own stunts for most of the movie and used less of a double . I reaLLy Liked this movie especiaLLy at the enDiing CrediTs with the additional song from Johnny Cash, of My FAvorites :D


Disapointed, zoe played a colombian character unconvincing. she must have not studied her character. also it felt like watching mission immpossible/spy kids. the colombian cartels and their hittmen where never so hightech. also colombian kids are very smart and slick but not like way portraid. extremely exagerated I felt like i was sitting in the movie theater the whole movie. it sucked. also I am a real colombian.