Will There Be a Green Lantern 2?

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The superhero news out of Warner Bros is full of hope as it sounds like not only will The Green Lantern get a second go around with a sequel, but Flash Gordon will get his time in the spotlight as well.

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    They need to make another film, keep the same actors but just make it more gritty and fast paced. Not so hollywood. More like the animated films. Also, not so much CGI like with the green lantern outfit. This could be a great series as long as they do it right.


    MrTARDIS God gave us other islands, coitnres, whatever you wish to call them. Then he gave us airoplanes. Do what i do and have the good editions imported. For example, the english release of DAWN OF THE DEAD is pathetic. However the american ultimate edition. I got myself that one. If you wish me to give you more info or to research good editions of those for you, ill link you on facebook.


    This is really great news for us followers of GL. Will be anticipating not only this, but the clash of DC vs. Marvel.


    Oh please, please, please let there be a sequel. I love this movie and can't wait for it to come out in DVD so I can buy it! This Super Herofirm had it all...looks, humor, action. Perfect!

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