World War Z Plot Could Upset Fans

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Page-to-screen adaptations are difficult. Even when they are done well, there will still be millions of book fans not pleased with what was left out or changed from their favorite novel. Such could be the case with the Brad Pitt starring World War Z.

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    WW Z is yet more predictive programming to 'DIS---tract' you
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    I have been reading snippets of Forster (the director) interviews. He stated in one that he was trying to make a different sort of movie. Someone needs to sit him down and make him watch a marathon of Zombie movies. 99% are about the initial outbreak, trying to figure out what is going on, and making a plan to survive. His take on WWZ is recycled from those who came before him. I have read posting from many other fans of the book on how to make a good movie, and there are some really good suggestions that would have made WWZ the Movie incredible. As it stands now, Forster is even bleeding ideas from the 28 franchise.

    For such a ground breaking story, Paramount should have hired a director with foresight and talent instead of someone who likes to recycle celluloid.

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