Apollo 18 Movie Review: To the Moon!

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Apollo 18 answers the question: Why did we stop at 17 missions to the moon? After witnessing the film, it is easy to see why. The reason is terrifying, albeit hallow in its presentation.

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The film is culled from “lost” footage that is compiled to present the movie Apollo 18. Its beginnings are simple enough. Three astronauts that had thought they had missed their window to put boots on the moon are told that there is one last mission to the moon and they are the lucky few chosen to lead the effort.

Instead of being led by NASA, their mission is directed by a top secret edict by the Department of Defense. They are told to take dozens of Westinghouse cameras to the moon for what they are informed are the preliminary efforts to build an early detection missile defense system aimed at the Russians. The truth of their mission is much more devious and dangerous.

Apollo 18’s use of the "actual" footage gathered by the astronauts gives the audience a seat on the mission and for that, the filmmakers score. Yet, as is the case more often than not, found footage films are a risky endeavor. Sometimes it works intensely well, such as in The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, but when it doesn’t, it is disastrous. Such is the case with Apollo 18. There are too many breaks in the footage, distorted images and moments of utter blackness that left us scratching our head.

There are periods of sheer terror and for that, kudos are in order. But, when it comes to storytelling, instilling fear can only go so far. Filled with numerous loose ends, Apollo 18 suffers under the weight of its premise ironically. Audiences are given enough information to keep the story moving, but because of those plot holes, too many questions are left unanswered and therefore, hamper the film’s effort to be taken seriously.

We will say this, when the film is complete, the supposed entity responsible for pulling the footage and creating Apollo 18 the film, gives its web address. Apollo 18 piques enough curiosity that as soon as this review is written, we are heading over to www.lunartruth.com to learn more about the film than what the movie could offer. In that sense, Apollo 18 misses in its endeavor to answer the question of why Apollo 17 ended our journeys to the moon. Simply, the answers that may lie on the lunar truth website, should have found themselves deeply rooted in the film itself.


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The movie was just plain lame. Boring, then some more boring, then some loud and weird noises, then more boring. I was hoping it would reveal the aliens that landed on the moon, it never did. It was one of those lame movies that promises to take you somewhere and then ends never having gotten there. Rocks that come to life? Give me a break.


I liked it, some parts were boring, but in all I liked the movie.


well it was ok but was that actual fotage when they said it was, if it was i dont want to go to the moon any more and at the end they said the rock samples came back to earth and are lost now that freaks me out lol!!!!!!!


Seen the movie. Amazingly creepy, loved it! My date however, she did not so i guess im gonna be sleeping through chick flicks :( lol .......... Why the site does not work beats me besides either the film ppl are trying to make us think its being blocked or it actually is cause i never heard of the site till the movie and the fact that its blocked or just down either the film ppl are doing it to cause a buzz or the goverment is trying to hide some thing or the site is down my money is on the film ppl cause a stink and ppl will talk and spread the word. jsut my thought wouldnt mind going again


i think some1 is blocking that site now that the movie has drawn so much attention to it.


Creepy movie...can't get to that website though. I'm dying to know what's on it!


Scary movie!! Really liked it, all over creepy movie. Would recommend, understood the overall concept. Didnt mind the breaks in footage


the movie was weird and just a creepy movie from the start. the begnning was verrrrrrrrrrryyyyy boring and the ending was scary sad. im never gonna trust a rock ever again. EVER!!!!!!!!!!