Drive Movie Review: Race to See It!

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Ryan Gosling commands the camera the second Drive begins. Although he says very little in the film’s first 20 minutes, Gosling’s impact is immense.


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This movie was missing dialogue and I got food poising after watching it. Albert Brooks played the best role, however is he always like that? It's the critic acclaim Drive has received that is most unsettling, audiences don't deserve the low form of expression this movie has been
privileged with debuting.


I'm amazed at the coments posted: do people really want movies with plots by Disney or Pixar? Yes, the dialogue is minimal, but it's an action film, folks. Although it lacks the sheer gusto of Bullitt in the driving sequences, that's not a criticism, more a fact that times and genres have moved on. This film breaks new ground; people should remember that actors ACT - Ryan Gosling can play different roles - it's not real life!


Anna and J.G., we are talking about the movie "Drive". Albert Brooks was the best thing in the movie and I cant stand that guy in comedy. Never thought his brand of humor was funny. Anyway the movie was slow and agonizing to watch. Never seen a movie this bad in my life!


Worse movie ever!! I love Ryan but I guess he should stick to romance instead of action. Only one scene of action and the romance pieces were ridiculous! Awful movie. Waste of my life. I hate having my life wasted. I saw it for free and feel bad for those who paid to see this piece of shit! Wat a disgrace! I hope this film doesn't ruin Ryan Gosling movie career!


I liked the end, where the credits started rolling. FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT MOVIE


I didnt like this movie I rate it as 1 (1 to 5) Dead scenes with no talk, scenes with no sense at all, storyline is just a messup, how can 4 people be murdered (3 of them by gunfshot) in one place like the building where he lives, and no police shows up. A total waste of my time...this movies isnt even worth the download.


This movie had me glued to the screen. It was so intense, and gorgeous. I saw it without knowing anything about it, which I find is always the best way to see a movie. You have no expectations, and everything is truly a surprise. For instance, when the movie suddenly got violent, everyone was so surprised in the theater that there was a bubbling of gasps, laughing, energy and excitement. If you know to expect that from watching the trailer and reading reviews, you won't be able to enjoy that reaction. The movie is a fairy tale basically. It's not for everyone. But calling it the "worst movie ever" is moronic. If you have trouble connecting with characters or paying attention when you aren't spoon fed action and sex in every scene, then you should skip it.


The movie was so-so but the storyline left a lot to be desired. Ryan is willing to crush a guy's face but he won't take his gun? Really? Same thing with the previous scene when he killed the two guys who had a shotgun and pistol in the motel. He obviously doesn't mind violence. Just take some of these guns and use them. The whole "I don't do guns" thing belongs in a light-hearted prime time TV PG fluff series. For this type of movie its just annoying. The scene where he pushes the car to the side of the road and then t-bones it over the edge of a same hill was pretty stupid. He then has to go and drown him all the time wearing the film prop mask. What was the point of the mask? When they showed him getting it I thought it would actually play a role in the movie. He killed the guy so there was no point. Also the end of the story with the big boss was not explained well. Was he really going to give the money to him and trust that the girl would be left alone? I guess maybe his supposed to be more of a moron than I'm giving him credit for.


I watched this because I've read good reviews. I did not know that all those reviews are BOGUS. Worst movie ever. It was my first time that I wanted to walked out the cinema. Worst movie ever.


Drive is easily the movie of the year so far. Breathtaking pacing, flawless acting, interesting writing, and a kickass soundtrack. I was not expecting one of the finest films I have ever seen when I entered the theater but Drive delivered in every way. Drive also seems to have a broad appeal to people who like specific types of movies ; every friend I showed the film to loved it. Last time I even brought along someone who mainly watches romantic comedies and she was left in tears by the end of the movie it moved her so much. The people who left bad reviews below are idiots. You hate a movie because it's slow? Really? You should dislike a movie because it has bad direction, bad acting, bad writing, bad pacing, bad music, etc, not because you have the patience of a 5 year old with bad ADHD and like bad art.