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Anonymous presents a pretty solid case for answering the centuries-long debate as to whether William Shakespeare truly composed all his classics. As envisioned by screenwriter John Orloff (who spent 15 years researching the question) and director Roland Emmerich (making a nice turn away from disaster fare such as Independence Day and 2012), Anonymous will astound -- even if you disagree with the film's findings.


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    glorious genius! i know edward de vere wrote shakespeare. i learned of the argument several years ago when i came across a small book at the library. this is one of the finest works of art i have ever seen with my eyes! it took courage to make this movie! the world does not want to hear this! it is content to bring in the money off of will shakespeare as has been the custom for 400 years! can you imagine what it was like to have been the man who really wrote shakespeare never, until now , to get the glory for what he had done? i am very glad i lived to see edward de vere finally given his due credit! hats off to roland emmerich, john orloff, who did the research (and, it is accurate research), all of the wonderful actors and actresses, and all of the others involved in this beautiful masterpiece!


    The 17th Earl of Oxford is a plausible theory. I personally believe in the bacon theory, look up some research on J.T. Looney and check and interview with Roland,

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