Bridesmaids Sneak Peeks: Relive the Hilarity

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In honor of Melissa McCarthy hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and only a couple weeks after it came out on DVD, now seemed like an ideal time to revisit one of the funniest comedies of the last few years.

Yes, you can - nay, should! - visit our Bridesmaids quotes section to relive the hilarity of this Kristen Wiig-penned film. But you should also take a few moments to do so below, as we've posted a trio of clips from the movie.

Warning: do not operate heavy machinery while viewing.

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Bridesmaids Quotes

[As Annie's teeth is blackened by what she is eating, looking like she is missing teeth]
Annie: I don't need dental work.
Lillian: You are right.
Annie: There is nothing wrong with my teeth.
Lillian: You are so beautiful. Will you marry me?
Annie: Yessss

There's sperm everywhere. I cracked a blanket in half.


Bridesmaids Review

Bridesmaids is a fun comedy that proves women can be funny and crude, while keeping their dignity (sort of...).  These women pull out all...

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