The Thing Movie Review: That Thing is Scary

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Universal’s The Thing is a prequel to the 1982 cherished horror masterpiece by John Carpenter that carried the same name. We say that immediately so that there is no confusion: This is no remake, The Thing 2011 takes audiences back to the beginning of the horror that ransacked Kurt Russell’s world onscreen in 1982.


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    It might be important to note that a reference is made in the movie to there being "A Russian Camp" 50 miles away from the Norwegian Camp. And, that one person appears to have the means to get to that camp.


    John Carpenter's 'The Thing' is my favorite horror movie hands down. I honestly say that this is a great prequel. I went in with high expectations, as far as character developement went I was let down, but then we are talking about a 36 hr period here at most in the most unforgiving place on Earth with an aggressive alien and some very smart people! So are we always the best actors anybody watching us would expect us to be in everday strife? I think it was realistic, much like Carpenter's rendition. His characters were realistic and intelligent as well, but it was a different parade altogether! So if one expects the same from a different group of people with different cultures and languages & disciplines, they will be disappointed. It's not as scary as Carpenter's...but then there isn't a couple of stoners and footloose goofballs like the American crew. This scientific team is just that, a scientific team. It has someone involved with financial interests where the American crew just got slapped accross the face by the intruder. I think this movie is a great and insightful homage to Carpenter's film. Who cares if there wasn't a Norweigian team in the book? That story got lost once the first person with any imagination read it! Evolution, get used to it. I can't wait to see the sequesl to J'C's rendition, I just hope it doesn't become a flakey horror franchise. Aliens held it up, The Thing has that potential as well.

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