Breaking Dawn Movie Review: Romance Rallies the Faithful

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The arrival of the first part of Breaking Dawn signals to Twilight fans that it is the end of an era. The two-part conclusion to the saga has been causing frantic buzz since director Bill Condon began filming in Brazil.


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As a new viewer, who crashed course all previous Twilights, firstly I am not suprised this is a billion dollar franchise. Its an incredible ride for those endowed with the ability to let themselves be transported. Truly transported. The curse of being a professional critic is that to dissect something often means one misss the moment.
The films are amazing and even without the looks of young Gods, the entire cast from the top to the supporting -- shines


@CRAIG....LOL your right I meant emaciated!!! Although Bella was emancipated from her human life..haha!!


@ Rene, I tink you mean emaciated body.
@ everyone who thought it didn't follow the book - movies rarely get every detail and nuance right; though it's ben a few years since I read the books, I have a pretty good memory and I think the movie was as true to the book as you could ask for. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and can't wait for part 2.


I am dramatically disappointed. I am a huge fan of the books and have enjoyed the other movies but this one was done differently. Aside from some amazing effects on Bella's emancipated body this movie was nothing but a checklist of scenes from the book with no segway or emotion to tie them all together as in the book. I think it truly does a disservice to Meyer's writing. If you had not read the books and only saw the movie you are missing out on the deeper emotions and bonds between the characters that are revealed and deepened in the book. The movie did not allow you to connect emotionally to the characters at all. The only thing this movie accomplished was to allow fans to bring to life some of the highlights from the book. It was like a house without a foundation, it looked pretty but had no support.


Britt, it isn't rated R, it's PG-13. But I would recommend people pay attention to ratings, just because something isn't restricted doesn't mean it's appropriate for 8 year olds.


I loved it because I am such fan! I really feel though the director was weak, the special effects weren't so great and some little things like changes in appearance were sad to see. Overall a great movie, I just think a different director could have made it amazing!!


@Reallyy: I'm pretty sure sex and children are okay inside of marriage.


I thought the movie was average at best. And I dont suggest taking young girls to see it. 1. there are sex scenes in there
and 2. Young girls look up to bella and with her getting pregnant at 18, doesnt that encourage Teenage Pregnancy. If you want your daughters to be teenager mothers go ahead and take them but if not , i dont suggest you see this movie


liked it but wasnt good as the other ones it didnt follow the book at all and it just seemed like it breeze through everything and it should have been longer than it was and hopefully with the second part they will stick to more of how it is in the book and make it longer cuz for the book since it was 754 pages long there isnt no way you can get everything from the book into the movie so they need to make part 2 like 2 hours like they should have for the first will prob see it one more time in theaters then just wait for it to come out on dvd


ahhh it was amazing my faviourite film yet! it was by far the best acting out of them i've ever seen they all talk more and we get to see more of the cullens! it was as perfect as it could get but don't go with really little kids cause some bits are a bit cringey