New Underworld Trailer: Awaken to Kate Beckinsale's Badass Self

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Merely hours ago, Movie Fanatic ran a video where Underworld star Kate Beckinsale took us back to the beginning and explored the history of Underworld in Legacy. Now, we’ve got the third trailer from Underworld Awakening to get you ready for the film that arrives January 20, 2012.

That’s a lot of Underworld Awakening in one week. But as fans of the series can attest to, excitement is at a fever pitch with star Beckinsale returning to the franchise after sitting the third film out.

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The Underworld looks good and I definitely want to see Haywire. But I saw The Grey a colpue days ago and was greatly disappointed by it. I thought the trailer gave out pretty much all the good parts, and the ending pissed me off, as I was looking forward to that fight. I think my favorite part of the movie was the poem. The acting was great, the effects were great, but I think they overdid the wolves (in temperament, personality, characteristics not physically though, the wolves LOOKED good). I did learn from the credits that it was based on a short story, and I found that interesting.

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Underworld Awakening Quotes

For 12 years I was held captive by the humans. The world I once knew has changed. Vampires and Lycans are now the hunted.


I was with him one day, and when I awoke it was 12 years later.


Underworld Awakening Review

Underworld Awakening marks the return of Kate Beckinsale as the Death Dealer Selene after she sat out the third film, which served as a...

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