Picking the Top 10 Tom Cruise Movies: Mission Impossible

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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol impressively landed in second place at this weekend’s box office, after opening on IMAX theaters only. Tom Cruise’s latest adventure premieres on screens nationwide today, December 21. Movie Fanatic asked you what your favorite Cruise movie was and now, to celebrate Mission Impossible 4 and its impressive return to greatness (check out our Ghost Protocol review), we give you our Top 10 Tom Cruise movies of all time.

10. Risky Business
Cruise slid across a hardwood floor as Bob Seger sang and he announced to the world that a Hollywood superstar had arrived. During a time when teen comedies chose raunch as their comedic means, Risky Business came along and not only introduced the world to Cruise, but also showed that a teen movie could be smart, sassy and raunchily funny.

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    from Risky business' bad guy to War of the world's dutiful father

    from days of thunder's athlete to jerry maguire's agent

    from vampire's chronicles' horror to far and away's romance

    from the last samurai's hero to collateral's villain

    from born on the fourth of july's soldier to tropic thunder's singer

    from vanilla sky's psychis to eyes wide shut's spy

    from M:I 1 to M:I 4

    Tom Cruise is all about legend.....!!!!!


    You may not believe...but i've seen almost almost all movies by tom Cruise within 60 days..........

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