Top 10 Mark Wahlberg Movies: Contraband's Chameleon

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Mark Wahlberg is at his action best again in Contraband, releasing January 13 in theaters everywhere. Contraband is the twenty-eighth film that Wahlberg has appeared in and the actor is only becoming a bigger and bigger star as the years go by. Contraband (check out the trailer) features Wahlberg as a happy husband and father who is pulled back into “one last job” as a smuggler when his former partner threatens his family.

Since Wahlberg debuted on the pop culture radar as Marky Mark and gave us some really Good Vibrations, he has made quite a name for himself as an actor, but also as a producer. As a thespian, he is versatile. Wahlberg can handle comedy, action, romance, thrills and horror. Movie Fanatic looks back and gives you the Top 10 Mark Wahlberg movies!

10. I Heart Huckabees
Not the greatest of films, but Wahlberg’s performance in I Heart Huckabees is astounding. It is here in Huckabees that he shows his adeptness at humor and how he can also be a spoke in the wheel that is an ensemble film.

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    That movie was absolutely and wihuott a doubt, god-awful! I have never seen such a silly premise that was also completely and utterly poorly executed, not to mention I'm sorry but Mark's acting was pretty pathetic. Not saying he had much to work with but he was certainly not believable as a teaching. It seemed like he was using the Liv Tyler school of acting and speaking in lower, whispered tones during parts to make himself seem more interesting Um, no, did not work. Truly awful movie on all levels from the story, direction, acting, etc. Though I will say that Zooey didn't do a terrible job with her part though it didn't call for much.


    He has made some really good flicks, but "Shooter" is his best film to date.

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