Top 10 Movie Presidents: Who Gets Our Vote?

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Hollywood has a long history of celebrating those who inhabit the Oval Office. In honor of Election Day, Movie Fanatic presents our Top 10 Movie Presidents. Although not on this list because the film haven’t arrived yet, but an honorable mention surely has to go to the Steven Spielberg-directed Lincoln, starring an uncanny Daniel Day Lewis.

10. W.
Josh Brolin was so impeccably cast as George W. Bush, it is frankly scary. Oliver Stone’s biopic on the president who pulled us together after 9/11 and then sent us into war with Iraq is a fascinating study of not only presidential politics, but also the very Freudian power of our parents in shaping who we are as people.

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The final speech given by Michael Douglas in "An American President" is a must-see.


WHAT?!?! What about Tony "Tiny" Lister's performance in "the Fifth Element?!?!? Such eloquence, such veracity of character. LOL He was more believable than Bill Pullman. RE-ELECT D-BO!!! ROTFL


Gena Davis in tv show Comander in chief! She gave donald southetland a run for his money and was pretty cool when the big decisions had to be made. The only reason show went off the air is because most of the good ole boys were threatened by it.


this list misses "WAG THE DOG" (R. DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman)