Prometheus Stills: Sci-Fi Heavy

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The news of Ridley Scott returning to sci-fi was a little slice of heaven for movie fans around the world. As we saw more and more of Prometheus, that slice of heaven has turned into an entire pie of awesomeness. Scott and his filmmaking team have released five new stills from his upcoming sure-to-be blockbuster that only show one star, Noomi Rapace, while the rest allow us to geek out on Scott’s sensational set pieces. His third journey into sci-fi lands June 8, decades after last blowing us away with Blade Runner and Alien.

Ridley Scott's Prometheus
Prometheus Still: Inside the Ship
Inside Prometheus: What They Find
Noomi Rapace Stars in Prometheus
Prometheus Ship Picture

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Prometheus Quotes

Janek: Are you a robot?
Meredith Vickers: Meet me in my room in ten minutes.

David: Why do you think your people made me?
Charlie Holloway: We made ya 'cause we could.
David: Can you imagine how disappointing it would be for you to hear the same thing from your creator?

Prometheus Review

Has Ridley Scott crafted a prequel to his Alien with Prometheus? After seeing the film, it appears to be a moot point -- it clearly is....

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