Battleship Movie Review: Hit or Miss?

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Let’s start by saying that no one goes to see Battleship expecting anything more than a summer popcorn movie with all the trimmings. In that manner, does it succeed? Why, yes it does. There are structural problems with the film for sure, but director Peter Berg has officially joined the legion of summer blockbuster directors with his latest effort. The film even scores with some extremely clever means that ties itself back to the Hasbro board game that it is based upon.


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    Personally, I enjoyed every bit of this new film. I expected to love it and I did. I wish to the highest heavens that the “film ciritics” would ease off the BS, relax and just enjoy these film for what they are….

    I liked it as a solid piece of cinema enjoyment & entertainment, great job by brother Peter Berg, good cast, good creature renderings, the alien ships!, terrific!. Well done artistsin special effects.

    The ships form “Planet G” go at the top of my list for cinema alien effects tied with the predators. My impression is that these visitors may not have had evil in mind.

    I am proud of fellow countryman, Taylor Kitsch, who is building a good filmography as some many good Canadian actors have done. He has moved above and beyond the over the fence success with FNL(Friday Night lights), which was and is a full success,

    As an big fan of good film stories, Battleship was high on my wait to see list. I need to see it more to measure my eager anticipation with the actual quality of the work on screen.

    The story build up was okay, kinda hokey, but OK, who cares, the developmental build up was even. Thanks to brother Berg for zero gratuitous, bathroom urinal scenes or bedroom intimacy. That crap is always a token of weak storytelling.

    A brief spiel on the cast; always great to see big brother Liam doing anything. We all miss his lady, Amanda, and we know the labor of going on after such an upset. Love ya, Brother Liam!!! Here too is an impressive filmography. Lovely sister Brooklyn did a good job. She needs more quality work to let that talent emerge, but her presence is good. Fun to see another talented face from FNL, Jesse Plemons. Good job!

    All of the cast did super jobs, bringing their characters to fullness in my view.

    There is something interesting in the fabric of this entire story. I know that I have to do another viewing to fetch it out. All in all a really worth while film experience.

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