Top 10 Movie Trilogies: Terrific Third Films

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Men in Black 3 goes back in time when it rockets into theaters at midnight. The Barry Sonnenfeld-directed flick is a fantastic third film in the trilogy (check out our review later today). Countless film series have attempted to close out their trilogies with a piece of work that inspires and enthralls, yet few succeed. So... who rocks it? Movie Fanatic proudly presents our Top 10 Movie Trilogies: Top Third Films. Which third film in a trilogy managed to prove that three times is indeed a cinematic charm?

10. Back to the Future 3
Legions adore the first film. A surprising number appreciate the second. But for us, the culmination of the trilogy that is Back to the Future is handled impeccably in Back to the Future 3. Among our qualifications of a solid third film in a trilogy is the work’s ability to stand alone as a solid story. Marty McFly, as embodied by Michael J. Fox, and Doc (Christopher Lloyd) have an unspoken bond by film three. The result is a Western-meets-sci-fi triumph that allowed both stars to soar and bring the franchise to a solid conclusion.

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    Really? Revenge of the Sith? Where on the list exactly does that belong? I think this is pretty spot on, minus the fact I also loved the third Die Hard (before it went past the trilogy marker). That was a great stand alone movie, the chemistry between Willis and Jackson was brilliant. Revenge of the Sith though? Yeah I hope you are just trolling.


    Revenge of the Sith should be on this list. It has interesting issues about the fall of a hero and a republic.

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