Piranha 3DD Movie Review: Campy Chaos

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Piranha 3DD lets its audience know what it is up to within the film’s first five minutes. Gary Busey and his onscreen backwoods buddy are wading into the lake water… in search of what? Honestly, we’re not told. But, given the title of this film, you can guess what happens next. They’re baaaaack...


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    i love the sky nice tits :)


    you can suck it goodbye :) up and down


    eww man that piaranha that whent in shelby double eww but i love the film :)

    @ Georgina

    i love the film and i love shelby lol and ashley and maddy


    10.19.11 at 12:44 pmJessolidoArchie (Gary Busey) is a rich and utterly dselicabpe practical joker. He is one week away from playing a CD-ROM that will change the lives of his trusted manager, Dexter, and other employees forever when he is suddenly involved in a deadly accident. He quickly discovers that instead of entering Heaven's pearly gates, he is being sent back to Earth to clean up the mess he created. Since he has an absolute dislike for animals, especially piranhas, it is quickly decided that he should be returned to Earth as a piranha and not just any piranha, mind you, but a slimy, titty-obsessed one named Quigley (*Cue My Rules, My Way )

    @ Heiko

    omg tht sick that had peas in it the one that shelby done :) yummmy

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