Twilight Gets a Bad Lip Reading Video: That Cake's My Most Bestest Creation!

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Bad Lip Reading is a hilarious Youtube channel that replaces the audio of clips--previously of mostly political videos and music videos--with nonsensical dialogue that matches the movements of the speaker's mouth.

Now, Bad Lip Reading has expanded into the movie realm, and so we can cover it! Yay! Check out a Bad Lip Reading Video of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the first Twilight movie:

I love the take on Stewart's acting, with every signature facial movement getting an accompanying grunt or gurgle. And personally, having never had the pleasure of watching any of the Twilight Saga, this is sort of what I thought the movies were like anyway!

Fans of the series can catch the final installment, Breaking Dawn Part 2, in theaters November 16. We'll just have to wait a while for the Bad Lip Reading version.

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This is *wrong*, Edward! She's not one of us!

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Isabella Swan: How old are you?
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Edward Cullen: ...awhile.

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