Cloud Atlas Review: What Does it All Mean?

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First and foremost Cloud Atlas is the most ambitious film we've ever seen. The movie spans generations, continents and universes while its ensemble tackles a half dozen roles in six existentially connected storylines.


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    era 1 Donna Bae Marked Jim Sturgess
    era 2 marked Ben Whishaw
    era 3 marked Hally Berry
    era 4 marked Jim Broadbent
    era 5 marked Doona Bae
    era 6 marked Tom Hanks

    Era 1 Donna and Jim are husband and wife who are told
    there is a certain order of things and that people who
    disrupt that order are doomed. They are deeply in love

    Era 2 Ben is marked and has a homosexual love with James D'Arcy.
    another deeply in love team. Durring his time reads a book that
    is a journal by Jim. Also sleeping with Hally and killing her
    husband setting her free.

    Era 3 Hally meets her true love for the first time, but he is
    killed in a plane explossion. Durring this time hally meets Ben's
    lover and reads his letters. Then the lover is shot threw the
    mouth killing him just as his lover Ben had killed himself.

    Era 4 Jim B is marked and was to
    much of a coward to get his true love until the end. But was
    writing a move that later stared tom Hanks and was viewed by
    Donna. Also was Hallys Husband in a previous Era in which she
    was no more than a trophie. He also read a manuscript of her
    story in this era.

    Era 5 Donna is marked. One of the orriganal 2. She fights along
    side her true love after she is set free by him. They both die
    in fighting for a right cause. Before She dies she sees a movie
    that stars tom and is writen by Jim.

    Era 6 tom is marked. He meets Hally again. This time above
    everything else he helps her. They save each other from
    everything going on and end up together in old age.

    The general theme in the movie is love. Every character has thier
    true love in each of thier eras, and is inspired by the previously
    marked in some shape or form to end up with this love. The first
    set start together and end together. They start the whole movie
    off although you do not know this until the end of the movie.
    You will also see that when that love is completely absent from
    an era, the other partner does not survive. Just like in era 6, Jim
    dies by the canibal as does Jim B's partner. Without the
    pressence of your true love there is no life, and love will always
    find you even threw time.


    months later and I'm still trying to tie loose ends together - is there more to the underlying focus on "six"? Six dialects, six stories, six components to the comet, six eras, more....what is the author thinking?

    @ bGunn

    what about when tom hanks dies in plane crash,he meets halle berry so he does find his love and sumni 451 or whatever dies and so does her lover


    Brilliant. Didnt realise how quickly the 3 hours flew. Was kind of sad that it finished as I wanted to just keep on and on watching !!!!
    A must watch for any serious movie fanatic

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