DVD Preview: Brave, Savages & The Watch

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It’s a huge week on the home video front with new Blu-Rays and DVDs from the three main genres of film: Action, comedy and animation. Brave from Disney/Pixar lands with a waving mane of red hair, The Watch finds Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill trying to save the world and Oliver Stone returns to the drama-thriller mold with the drug smuggling actioner Savages.

Oh, and Clueless director Amy Heckerling and Alicia Silverstone reunite for Vamps!

Brave: Pixar does it again as this time out, they head to medieval Scotland to tell the story of Merida (Kelly MacDonald), a princess who would rather ride her horse Angus and shoot her beloved bow and arrow than be set up for a royal marriage. But, it is that time of her life and she must do what her mother (Emma Thompson) and father (Billy Connolly) say. The film is a treasure and a lock for a Best Animated Feature Oscar nomination, but it is the Blu-Ray DVD combo pack Movie Fanatic received that is the true prize.

Extras abound including priceless deleted scenes and the stellar short film that was previously unreleased, The Legend of Mor’du, as well as the brilliant short film La Luna that was featured prior to Brave’s opening credits.

Also a joy is watching the Pixar team explore Scotland in Brave Old World, as it takes viewers into the painstaking work a film team endures before creating a single animated cell. There’s also an alternative opening and a closer look at how they created the astounding specimen that is Merida’s horse Angus.

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I wanted to take my kids to see Brave in theaters but one of them got sick and gave it to the other. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this film and I love how it really goes into the history of that time period. Now that it’s out on DVD I decided to rent it through my Blockbuster @ Home account which is available through DISH. The movie should be here in just a few days via mail. I’m excited about the extras that are available and my DISH co-worker assured me that I will probably end up buying this movie for my girls. She says he kids loved it and she’s already got it wrapped up for Christmas.