Flight Review: Right, Wrong & Grey All Over

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The reason that Flight manages to work is a trifecta of talent: Denzel Washington, Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter John Gatins. Those three have created a character that does the most heinous of things, emerges from the fire like a phoenix as a hero… only for the audience to discover that he may be anything but. Why else could you explain why a theater full of people is pulling for someone who committed a felony to get away with it with such enthusiasm?

It is because of Gatins’ script, Zemeckis' crafting of heavy-handed morals meets alcohol and drug-soaked fun and how the Washington persona and performance meet on a character that is all kinds of shades of grey.


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    time the corner for the last ddceae lol, outside of Castaway, he hasn't made or been involved in anything remotely entertaining since Forrest Gump.But as an Oscar-winner for Picture and Director, his career is never really over hopefully, the flights of fancy into uncanny rejection principle-laced motion capture projects taught him something also, Denzel brings a bright light to even mediocre fare, so this could be good.Sort of dark version of Capt. Sully's adventure


    Thanks for this review. The trailer for this movie really grabbed me, so I’m glad to see it’s been getting decent reviews. A couple of my DISH co-workers are going to see it this weekend and they invited me, but unfortunately I don’t really like going to movie theaters that much. I’m planning to add it to my Blockbuster @ Home queue through my DISH account instead. When it comes out on DVD, it’ll show up in my mailbox and I’ll be able to enjoy it in the comfort of my apartment. Should be a good one!

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