Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman: Explaining the Continuity

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We reported early today a rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to become the new Batman, and in just a few hours, there has already been a lot of talk about how little sense that makes. So let's explore how exactly Joseph Gordon-Levitt becoming Batman fits with the continuity of Christopher Nolan's Batman series. WARNING: Massive The Dark Knight Rises spoilers lie within.

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    i see the new movie becoming a kick off to the batman beyond,that most or all comic book fans love..i say go for of steel has now become #1 on must see movies


    If you look at the upcoming title, it doesn't say anything about Batman but it does say "The Boy Wonder" and if you read the description, he's not Batman. He's Nightwing.

    Robin John Blake is a young ex's police officer whose instincts lead him to believe that there is trouble on the horizon. Now he is a new crime fighter- a viglante- known as Nightwing when he enter the Batcave in The Dark Knight Rises he started training to be a new superhero to protect Bludhaven from new threats like Black Mask who thinks Blake is no Batman but with the help of Commissinoer Gordon's daugther Barbara Gordon who has become The Batgirl to help the new superhero Nightwing to save Gotham City form Black Mask's gang.


    Why not just have him be nightwing and make a whole movie about that. I can guarantee that a lot of viewers will criticize a movie where a guy named robin becomes batman.

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