Top 10 Remakes Coming Soon: Red Dawn is the Beginning

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Red Dawn seems like a film that Hollywood would have stayed away from in the remake department. Heck, even its title is outdated as it refers to the Red Menace that was the Soviet Union. Yet, switch out North Korea for Russia and we’ve got a Chris Hemsworth-starring movie (check out our exclusive Red Dawn trailer) that premiered November 21.

That got Movie Fanatic thinking about what other films are heading our way that may seem like odd choices given their generational-defining moments and how difficult the task must be to replicate lightning in a bottle. We present the Top 10 that are coming soon -- whether you want them or not -- from our least interested to quite compelled.

10. Dirty Dancing
There are defining movies and then there is Dirty Dancing. It had all the elements of capturing a moment in time in terms of how it added up to a blockbuster. It featured Patrick Swayze in a role he was born to play and the same should be said about Jennifer Grey. It had an Oscar-winning theme song that to this day resonates. There are priceless Dirty Dancing quotes that are so iconic -- there is no way to imagine anyone else saying those lines.

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