Top 10 Twilight Scenes: Best of Bella, Edward & Jacob

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Oh, the horror! The Twilight Saga is coming to an end. Tens of millions of Twi-hards, as they are now called, will say goodbye to the franchise in literary and now cinematic form when Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres. In honor of the series that defines the word “blockbuster,” Movie Fanatic looks over the last four years of Edward and Bella’s love story to come up with the top ten moments in Twilight history.

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    My top three: 3.Bella seeing the Cullen Clan for the very first time (the beginning of it all). 2. The wedding (the love in their eyes was absolutely magical, and the song made it even more beautiful). 1. Bella's memories. (When she truly showed Edward her love for him, from the very beginning.) There could not have been a better way to say goodbye.......... Thank you, Bill Condon. Thank you. The end credits (with the actual pages of the book) were the perfect end to the last four years. Thank you, Kristen Stewart. Thank you, Taylor Lautner. Thank you, Robert Pattinson. Thank you, Stephanie Meyer. But above all, Thank you Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. About one thing I am absolutely possitive about: Whether we were Team Edward or Team Jacob, you will live on in our hearts forever.

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