World War Z Poster Drops: The Zombie Apocalypse is Nigh

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The new poster for World War Z takes a pretty minimalist approach to utter obliteration of the human race. Mostly, it's just a black background with some silver text. But you understand the horrifying subtext, right?

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    FACT IS ---this is still more 'agenda friendly' predictive programming
    from CFR members and 'on board' capstone sicko-phants ---Brangelina.

    FACT IS --any real innie will tell you, after a couple of beers, the REAL
    trigger for WW III will NOT be anything connected with the Mid East.
    In fact, the Globalists have been flooding Europe with ISLAM for decades.
    It's surely to serve as the needed religious component during the
    coming mass urbanization ---EUGENICS and EXTERMINATION phase.

    FACT IS ---WW III is set to be kicked off around 2020 -------in KOREA.

    ----And are we the ONLY ones noticing? Hollywood and media are
    ----'mysteriously overlooking'------ ANY mention of this year's
    ---------------------6Oth Anniversary of the -------------------------
    RED China, Globalism, mind control, EUGENICS and EXTERMINATION

    -------------------------------KOREAN WAR----------------------------------.

    AGAIN --------STEER CLEAR CFR front ops ---Brangelina!


    I like the trailer, but I wish we were getting a bit more of the movie. I don't expect we will though. I blogged about the book movie connection a bit here: World War Z

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