World War Z Trailer is Here: They're Coming

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The first trailer for World War Z has dropped! Take a look:

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    'On board' CFR members Brangelina with yet more 'agenda friendly'
    predictive programming.

    Of course, any innie, after a couple of beers, will tell you ----WW III is
    not going to have --anything-- to do with anything in the Mid East.

    FACT IS --the Globalists have been flooding poor Europe with ISLAM
    fro decades and its to serve as the religious component during the
    coming EUGENICS urbanization an EXTERMINATION phase.

    FACT IS ---loo for WW III around 2020.

    ---Look for the turn on event to be a pre-emptive nuclear strike in -----KOREA.

    This is to usher in the Globalists's dream ---RED China to be ushered in
    as the EUGENICS 'very friendly' ---model for the world ---and world enforcer...

    SO ---STEER CLEAR Brad and his -----PITS. . .

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