The Worst Movie of 2012: Movie Fanatic's Least Favorites of the Year

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With the year coming to a close, it's important to really take a look at the best parts of 2012; the things to be thankful for; the little moments that made the year special -- like our Top 10 Movies of 2012. But it's way more fun to just go to town on something you hated. So let's do that!! Yaaaay!

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@Lisa: I disagree completely. I think the movie captured very well what a horrible and uncaring person Katniss was and told the story much better than the author did by using the means they had to and the author should have.


In relation to this concept: "one must consider expectation vs. payoff, cultural context, and the taste a movie leaves in your mouth long after you've left the theater". For me the worst movie was The Hunger Games. I was fresh off of finishing all 3 books. I finally sat down to watch the movie. The casting was so incredibly good (with the exception of Peeta) that I was really looking forward to it. What I got was crap. The essence of the book was lost and the personality and relationships of the characters was never really addressed. By the time the games started, I really could have cared less what happened to any of them. I felt absolutely nothing for Katniss. In the book she had so much more spunk. They left everything about her that made her so interesting out of the movie. The girl on fire dress was even lackluster. It was like the girl with perhaps a little spark. And Peeta... I didn't care for him in the books at all really, so I probably should have been happy that they chose an actor I didn't like. But he just made me like the character even less.
The whole thing was emotionless nonsense with the thrust of the story and personality of the characters reduced to nothing but shells of themselves. I give it an F-.