A Dark Truth Review: Andy Garcia Wages War

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A Dark Truth should be a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller starring Andy Garcia that will give audiences a serious amount of pause. It covers a wretched reality of what is going on in South America right now. Yet, the film can't be an inspired-by-the-headlines effort, as it is something that is not being covered by the mainstream news! Which, honestly, makes it all the more scary.

A Dark Truth Andy Garcia
Water companies, some American, are attempting to create a virtual monopoly concerning the rights to buy and sell the precious resource in the Southern hemisphere. So how on earth does Garcia's ex-CIA agent, current talk radio host, get pulled into these water wars in the fictional story?

We learn that while still with the CIA he did something very bad to Forest Whitaker’s Francisco Francis. As A Dark Truth gets going, we discover that Francisco just happens to be on the front lines of the water battle, fighting alongside his wife, Eva Longoria's Mia Franci.

Excuse Movie Fanatic for a moment as we wonder when Longoria’s character first appears: Do the actress and Garcia have it in their contracts of late that they have to be in each other’s movies after just starring together in their last movie, 2011’s For Greater Glory?!

Damian Lee, the film's writer-director, clearly has a passion for the subject as it is incredibly well researched. The A Dark Truth trailer teases the drama, but there are so many more layers than it even lets on.

There is a multinational corporation that is essentially the film’s villain. Deborah Unger’s Morgan Swinton is by birth a part of it and it is her meddling that most leads to the film’s drama. It’s terrific to see an actress as talented as Unger finally have a role she can dive into. Frankly, it’s her first since 1996’s Crash.

Although Whitaker is his usual terrific self and Longoria does a decent job, A Dark Truth is Garcia’s movie. From the film’s opening moments as he’s talking to a caller on his radio show, it is established that the movie lives and breathes with his character’s arc and the actor’s bravado.


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