The Justice League Superheroes: Who Will Be Included?

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DC and Warner Bros' superhero team movie, The Justice League, is still a ways away. There is still no director, and no official cast.


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    Latina look for Wonder Woman...but most of these actresses I listed do not have the banging body like Wonder Woman has...oh and one other Olivia Munn!!!!!!!! Yes..yes... I think she would make a hot hot Wonder Woman....I was going to add Vanessa hudgens bc she is a bad girl too when it comes to fighting..yes see Sucker Punch.

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    Their are a couple of women on this list that you have left may surprise you but this is just my opinion it goes. Milla Jovovich-From Resident Evil..ummm yaaa she can kick serious butt...Anne Hathaway-The Dark knight rises-yeah probably not bc she's Catwoman and her character needs to be in justice league so we can have 2 DC heroines the other one obvious Wonder Woman. Stacy Keibler-this might surprise you...yes she was in WWE but I think she could kick some butt honestly. Emma Watson-I know she won't get the part but I can definitely see Emma kicking butt. She did in one Harry potter film. Camilla Belle-this one will shock you I know but she is half Brazilian and I think Wonder Woman is from the Amazon so I think camilla would fit in perfectly...she has that Latina l

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