A Million Ways to Die in the West Looks to Amanda Seyfried

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A couple weeks ago we reported that Charlize Theron was in talks to join Seth MacFarlane's new comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West. Now, Les Miserables star Amanda Seyfried is looking to join on as well.

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Seth MacFarlane plans to star as a farmer in the Old West, who gets dumped after chickening out of a gun fight. After his heart his broken, he meets the wife of a notorious outlaw, who teaches him how to shoot, and ends up winning his heart.

Seyfried would play MacFarlane's girlfriend, with Theron as the outlaw's wife.

MacFarlane is on a roll, and is looking to capitalize on his recent success and popularity. His last film, Ted, made $528.7 million worldwide, and he will host the Academy Awards on February 24.

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