Star Wars Episode VII Plot Could Center on Children of Luke, Leia, and Han: Original Cast to Return

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With Star Wars Episode VII still a ways away, most of what we have to go on so far revolving plot and characters is based on conjecture. That said, Showbiz 411 is reporting a rumor that original cast members Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford will all be returning for the first film in the sequel series.

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    There is a lot of fan lore written about Star Wars, whether they will try and allude or follow this lore is unknown.
    So far Lucas has not felt any need to follow the various fan lore, or even his own. Yes, he is not so hands on with this movie, but he is still a creative consultant.
    The fans should not expect Star Wars VII to be anything like what they know about Star Wars, just in case.

    That all being said, I am excited to see if such a talented team and Lucas in the backseat can do with the Star Wars universe.
    I do hope that they stay away from the "My parents were amazing and now I live in their shadow" plot that gets over used with generational stories.
    Or if they use it somehow, that it feels fresh.


    just read on the childdren and i think it would be intresting if Ben Skywalker was the antagonist


    I've read some of the books, Luke doesn't have any children; he oped a jedi academy. Han & Leia have 3 kids. The twins Jacen & Jania and Anakin. So I would think that the better question would be who will play Han & Leia's children.

    @ kristy

    actually luke does have a kid he gets married to mara jade and they have a son named ben skywalker


    Who will play young Han? Why not ... Harrison Ford? By the time its made, the technology used to make Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges young again for Tron: Legacy should be far enough along. Hell, if not for the deaths of DeForest Kelly and Jimmy Doohan, J.J. Abrams could probably have made his Star Trek movies with the original cast members.

    @ Bryan

    If they could cast a young Indiana Jones, they can cast a young Han Solo.

    @ Eric Hochberger

    They didn't cast a young Indiana Jones. Shia LaBeouf was his son. And he would also be a good choice for Han's son

    @ mark

    Have you seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Or The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles? Forget Crystal Skull.

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