Robert Redford Joins Captain America Sequel: "It's a New Thing to Me"

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It's official, people. After rumors that Robert Redford would appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the legendary actor confirmed his role last night. In a Q&A after a screening of his latest film The Company You Keep, he answered a question in regards to the sequel to Captain America and left no doubt he is on board to join Chris Evans in the highly anticipated Marvel Studios release.

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Marvel Phase 2 is in full effect as the studio has dominated news of late, especially with its upcoming film in the next chapter, teased in the latest Iron Man 3 trailer.

In the Q&A after his The Company You Keep screening, Redford stated, "I'm doing this film because it's different. It's a new thing for me. I think these films are really powerful. I think they're great. This is the kind of film I would have loved to see as a kid."

This is the first time Redford has ever done a film like this; normally he's seen in flicks that would be seen at his indie-film fest Sundance. Witnessing him in a high-profile superhero flick, most likely as a higher-up agent in the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, will be a treat. Stay tuned for more on this story!

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