Tyler Perry’s Temptation Review: Tempted by the Fruit of Another

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Tyler Perry is one prolific filmmaker and his films have garnered a passionate following amongst his fans. Lately, he has been branching out beyond his family dramas and Madea comedies with films such as Good Deeds and now his latest, teased in the Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor trailer. Perry’s new film lands in theaters and is his darkest yet and explores a plethora of moral issues unlike any other effort he’s undertaken.


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    I went to see the "great Tyler Perry's Temptation" because my sister insisted it was deep, thought provoking and had so many twist I would continue to guess the movie and I'd be wrong. First, I knew that was Smollett telling her story at the beginning of the movie, second the wanna be new lover was not attractive and did not have any charisma to pull a fly from a horse's ass and the movie was weak all around. Sometimes actresses like Ella Joyce who I love should just so no to tired movies. Tyler Perry continues to wow black people with his same tired movies. I for one am not impressed. Now some may say oh she is a hater and I am going to agree that I am. Here is why, I hate that I keep letting people talk me into watching his mundane, weak, cliché movies. Please people don't get me wrong, I give Perry his props for pulling up his boot straps and climbing the ladder of success. And yes there is a but-but can he obtain some advice from some other great movie writers on how to write with a twist keeping the audience in suspense and moving the movie along without losing half his audience. Just one piece advice to Mr. Perry just because you are friends with Oprah does make everything you touch turn to gold. I give Temptation a 2 on a scale of 1 to ten for an occasional laugh.

    @ Honeydozit

    it was an amazing movie! Beautiful women especially jurnee and its very inspirational to people and their relationships! This is so emotional and lance's amazing caring performance makes me love the movie either more!!!! outstanding courageous movie! Its nothing boring about it! Its obsessive especially the trailor!! Mama role makes you wanna shake your head whiles shes saying things because they are true! So we have a godly mother and a beautiful daughter!!! Real husband and kim and brandy and so much more amazing actors!!! This was not boring!! I know you're tired of hearing me say this but lance did his thing!! Nothing boring about there roles! STUNNING MOVIE!

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