Fury Casting News: Shia LaBeouf to Join Brad Pitt in WWII Drama

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David Ayer, director of last year's cop drama End of Watch, is focusing on his next project: a WWII drama titled Fury.

Brad Pitt signed up earlier this month to star, and now Shia LaBeouf is in talks to join him.

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Brad Pitt (World War Z) stars as a Sargeant called Wardaddy, who leads the five-man American crew of a tank called Fury in a fight against a German army at the tale end of the war.

LaBeouf's character is unknown, though he would be a part of the Fury crew. He can currently be seen in Robert Redford's The Company You Keep.

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Fury Quotes

Norman Ellison: They're coming.
Wardaddy: How many?
Norman Ellison: They're 300 of them.
Trini Garcia: It's five against 300.
Wardaddy: We ain't never run before. Why we gonna run now?

Wardaddy: Fire! Hit that son of a bitch! Hit 'em!
Trini Garcia: Do your job! Do what you're here for!

Fury Review

David Ayer is becoming quite the master storyteller and that fact was front and center with his latest, Fury. Brad Pitt plays the leader...

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