Scary Movie 5 Review: Oh Mama!

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The Scary Movie franchise began from the minds of the Wayans brothers and after the third film, has truly become something from the comically crazy imagination of producer/director Jerry Zucker. For fans of his Airplane and Naked Gun movies, it is great to see him wielding his laugh-inducing wand with a genre of film so ripe for parody -- horror.

Lindsay Lohan Scary Movie 5

Zucker, with his penchant for keeping his parody current, manages to film a farce that centers on Mama. The fact that the film arrived merely months ago shows the filmmaker’s awareness for the audience and their short attention span. There’s even a rip at Evil Dead, uncanny since the film hadn’t even come out when we saw the first Scary Movie 5 trailer.

Yet, the movie also rips into Black Swan, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and I guess Snoop Dogg’s movie career?

Ashley Tisdale and Simon Rex (returning from his work on Scary Movie 3 and 4) are a married couple somehow related to Charlie Sheen. See, the opening sequence of this Scary Movie incarnation features Sheen and Lindsay Lohan doing the nasty in every imaginable and a few unimaginable ways -- teased in this Scary Movie 5 clip. Everything is being filmed for Sheen’s “personal movie collection” and thus we have the Paranormal Activity spoof beginnings.

The plot does not really matter here as the audience is woven in and out of a half-dozen movies and their subsequent plotlines. The jokes are what makes, or breaks, a Scary Movie… movie.

You will laugh out loud a few times throughout Scary Movie 5, but not as much as one would want heading into what should be a bounce-off-the-walls comedy.

Ashley Tisdale Scary Movie 5

Comic standout moments arrive particularly from Molly Shannon. She is some sort of Black Swan-esque ballerina who is threatened by Tisdale’s up-and-comer. And frankly, some of the scenes we heard were cut from the film -- one including Chris Elliott -- sound funnier than what made it into the actual movie. One can see why, in the name of story, things were left out… but that’s the thing.

Our Scary Movie 5 review has to state that the franchise is not really about solely poking fun at horror hits (and other dramas). When Anna Faris was starring in the movies, there was a somewhat concrete story that stuck with the film until the end. It may have not been the most cohesive tale ever shown, but lately Scary Movie has drifted into a series of skits that seem to more belong on Mad TV.


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